Adding insult to injury

This the last you’ll hear on this subject, I promise. If you’ve been following our blog you’ll know of the fun and games we’ve had with our Christmas App, Mistletoe.

Originally submitted in the middle of November it didn’t appear in the App Store until the middle of December when the Xmas office party season was already in full swing. To make matters worse it seemed to be batch released with a bunch of other similar Apps – see our previous post Batch Releases.

Now for the final irony… We’d love one of our Apps to appear in the What’s Hot section of the App Store and we’ve often wondered how Apple select what gets featured there. We’ve always imagined it must be ‘hot’ as in ‘these are selling like hot cakes’ or possibly, ‘wow, this is a really hot example of what the iPhone can do’.

Imagine our surprise then, to see Mistletoe appear in the What’s Hot chart on 3rd Jan – just a bit too late for anybody (including ourselves:) to be bothered. It’s certainly not there because of it’s tremendous sales or it’s leading edge code (it was only ever intended to be a little bit of Xmas fun anyway) so we’re still no nearer knowing how these Apps get selected.

So thank you Apple for featuring one of our Apps but if there’s a next time could it please be something that people might actually still want to buy?

Since there’s a What’s Hot chart perhaps there should be a What’s Not one for all the left over Apps that nobody wants anymore?


Mistletoe in the App Store What's Hot chart

Mistletoe in the App Store What's Hot chart


One Response to “Adding insult to injury”

  1. Deems Says:

    Probably the late-shift cleaning staff that get the job of marking products for inclusion in the What’s Hot list, after the holidays!

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