A little competition

Chilli X have just submitted our latest app, Done, to the App Store. 

Done is a great little To Do list with some unique features but we know that there’s a danger that even a beautifully designed list can look pretty boring when it’s full of mundane, everyday tasks – Call John, Put the cat out, Do the shopping…

We’ve had a go at writing some more interesting lists but we’re app developers not comedians – have a look:


Do us a caption

Done - The To Do list for the rest of us

We’re sure some of you can do much better than that so post your ideas. We’ll use the best submissions in our promotional materials and give away some promo copies as well. So get thinking and we’ll announce the winners in early January.

ps. keep them clean(ish) and don’t say nasty things about anybody 🙂

27 Responses to “A little competition”

  1. Evaleen Says:

    Done: To Do List Ideas

    1. Remove eBay lot advertising ‘boss’
    2. Call boss: apologize for eBay ‘deal’
    3. Put girlfriend up for auction instead
    4. Delete ‘To-Do’ #3 (bad idea)
    5. Visit grandma
    6. Consider putting g-ma up for auction?

  2. malik Says:

    1. call the moving company
    2. remove the remains on the tires from the cat I ran over yesterday
    3. stick a post-it on the neighbors door, about their cat
    4. load all stuff into the truck
    5. hurry before your neighbors wake up
    6. look for a new home with your iphone 3G, while running from your shotgun-armed ex-neighbor

  3. Matt Shoots Says:

    Dexter’s Done:

    1. Research Target
    1. Find Freebo
    2. Analyze Blood Spatter on skinner case
    4. Marry Rita
    2. Talk to Harry about Miguel
    1. “Fishing” trip to Gulf Stream

  4. Kurt Says:

    Suggested to-do’s:

    1. remove velvet Elvis painting from living room (per wife)
    2. vacuum spaces in-between sofa cushions for change
    3. use sofa change to purchase lottery scratch ticket
    4. teach the parrot to stop swearing at spouse
    5. return GPS/Compass/steak knife to Hammacher Schlemmer
    6. clean out freezer. toss anything suspicious or brown (or both)
    7. hawaiian shirts to dry cleaner
    8. shave head
    9. book vacation to Disneyland
    10. prepare for digital television rollover

  5. Andrew Cassell Says:

    The obvious choice:

    1 Download Done from the App Store
    2. Add list of ways to make money
    3. …
    4. Profit!

  6. iCesar Says:

    Done: Get this Did;

    1. Call mechanic man person
    2. Go mechanic man place
    3. Skip #3. This is of no importance for to life
    4. Acquire car battery of my desire
    5. Perform beautiful installation of said battery into wonder-mobile
    6. Give pleasure to mechanic man if wonder-mobile works (this is to be monetary made pleasure. No nasty stuff!)

  7. KC Says:

    1. Buy flowers for wife
    2. Confirm dinner reservations
    3. Pickup suit from dry cleaners
    4. Solve world hunger
    5. Devise excuse for being late
    6. Sleep on couch alone

  8. KJP Says:

    1. Light
    2. Sky
    3. Land and sea
    4. Sun and moon
    5. Fish and birds
    6. Land animals and humans
    7. Get some rest!

  9. Misao Says:

    1. Find world peace for mankind
    2. Find whirled peas for dinner
    3. Find whirled peace for dessert
    4. Find help for beauty pagent obsession

  10. Tony Ward Says:

    1. Review Task List
    2. Mark first two as done
    3. feel sense of accomplishment
    4. Send magazine subscriptions to Sarah Palin
    5. look up “redundant”
    6. see #5

  11. Mike Vardy Says:

    1. Check email.
    2. Check email again.
    3. Check email one more time.
    4. Give up and check regular mail.
    5. Check voicemail.
    6. Cry at lack of popularity.

  12. iestyn Says:

    1. Feed Baxter
    2. Have brunch with the Channel 4 news team
    3. Buy new suit
    4. Return old to suit to toilet store
    5. Eat a whole wheel of cheese
    6. Work out the guns
    7. Eat a big red candle
    8. Grab some afternoon delight
    9. Deny the human torch a bank loan
    10. Invite Veronica to the pants party

  13. Zach Litvack Says:

    1. Fix Leaky Toilet
    2. Make Dinner Reservations
    3. Call Scott (Birthday)

    1. Finish TPS Reports (Cover Sheet!)
    2. Find missing Red Swingline
    2. Conf. Call with the Bobs

    1. Find Sharks (with Laser beams!)
    2. Find island for new secret lair.
    2. Finish satellite particle beam.
    3. New Uniforms (?)

  14. WMilliken Says:

    1. Get 7 dwarves for 7 launch
    2. Open season – sn. leopards
    3. 2010 CES: pettops!!
    4. Penguin plagues FUD?
    5. Show Yahoo who’s boss
    6. Must hide iPhone in mtgs

  15. Robert Peralta Says:

    1. Wake up with “Done!”.
    2. Go to work because I’m bored.
    3. Cook dinner and wash dishes.
    4. Check kids’ homework.
    5. Practice on guitar like a frustrated musician.
    6. Prioritize tasks with “Done”!

  16. Anthony Glyadchenko Says:

    1. Get swamped with chores.
    2. Beg for mercy.
    3. Read about “Done”.
    4. Become a skeptic.
    5. Realize that “Done” costs only pocket change.
    6. Really get things done.

  17. John P Says:

    1. Try new pickup line on nurse.
    2. Get stronger deodorant first.
    3. Greet patient (with non-trembling hand).
    4. Take a wee before really long surgery.
    5. Free aspirin, on the house!
    6. Cure cancer… soon.

  18. Kevin Whipps Says:

    1. Quote “American Psycho” at least twice
    2. Let out 20 psi from the boss’ tires
    3. Write to-do list
    4. Run a mile. Naked.
    5. Drink copious amounts of liquor and question authority
    6. Figure out what that rash is

  19. Eric C. Says:

    1. Search Monster for career opportunities.
    2. If none, look into changing name.
    3. Submit paperwork for Michael J. Cox.
    4. Search internet for career opportunities.
    5. Find agent in the Valley.
    6. Go on casting call.
    7. Ice.
    8. Ice again.
    9. Possibly rethink career choice.

  20. Chad Riden Says:

    1. be more awesome
    2. solve all of the world’s problems
    3. do that thing with the stuff, or whatever
    4. stop being so vague
    5. set snares in the yard to trap neighborhood kids
    6. build legions of robots out of old vacuum cleaners and chainsaw parts

  21. Brit Whittington Says:

    1. Buy grappling hook from local hardware store
    2. Break into Chilli X Headquarters
    3. Obtain secret code of Done iPhone app
    4. Destroy office – delay Done release
    5. Reverse engineer Done app
    6. Sell app on App Store as “Did It”
    7. Become filthy rich… AHAHAHAHA!
    8. Mark Done… I mean Did It as done

  22. Michael Lampart Says:

    1. Create World Peace before dinner.
    2. Make whirled peas for dinner.
    3. Prove String Theory.
    4. Buy a string bikini.
    5. Study Quantum Mechanics.
    6. Find a Honda mechanic.
    7. Resuscitate Schrödinger’s cat.
    8. Clean cat’s litter.

  23. Shaw Says:

    1. Make time machine.
    2. Get the girl.
    3. Get the money.
    4. Live happily ever after.

  24. Fabio Bracht Says:

    I loved KJP task list! If I were you, he would’ve already won. 😛

    In fact, if I were you, this contest would not exist at all, because, frankly, the 007 task list you guys came up is more than enough funny. =)

    Well, here’s my entry anyway:

    – Go to Peach’s for cake
    – Practice charming italian accent
    – Clean up Luigi’s mess
    – Scrap Goomba remainings from shoes
    – Buy aspirin for block-breaking induced headache
    – Change overalls (wash this one)

    (If Goomba is not and okay word due to copyrights, you can change to “turtles”. It’s not as funny, but will do the trick.)

    Here’s another:

    – Practice pencil trick
    – Buy more make-up
    – Plan the boats scheme
    – “Ha ha Ha aH HA ah”
    – Come up with a different story about how I got my scars
    – Visit Harvey in the hospital
    – Call my tailor for a new purple suit
    – Crash Batman’s party

    Hope you like!

  25. Caffeinate Says:

    HAL’s iPhone

    1. Play chess with Dave.
    2. Read lips.
    3. Sever Frank’s oxygen hose.
    4. Don’t open the pod bay doors.
    5. Lose mind.

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