Mistletoe – the little Christmas App that might never happen…

We’ve mentioned before that waiting for your App to appear in the App Store can be a frustrating process. But our Xmas app, Mistletoe – an ‘interactive mistletoe simulator’ – seems destined to appear long after the festivities have ceased…

As you can see from the screens below it’s a pretty simple app. Shake the phone to trigger some magical Xmas bells to attract your victim then pucker up and wait for the fun to start. Kiss the screen and it kisses you back…

It was never going to win any awards or make us millionaires – it was just intended to be a bit of Xmas fun. However, it’s been sitting with Apple for getting on for three weeks now and with the festive party season about to go into full swing there’s a real danger that it might never see the light of day.

Seriously though, from a developer’s perspective this is a pretty poor show. The lack of feedback from Apple means that we have no idea what the problem is – is there a technical issue? Do they think we might not have the rights to use the music? Perhaps there isn’t a problem at all, perhaps the guy who evaluates the Entertainment category is on holiday.

This lack of communication is definitely going to stifle innovation. There’s no way we’d consider doing a New Year’s Eve countdown app if it’s not going to be released until Jan 2nd…

What do you think? Would you buy it if Apple gave you the chance? 99c for a twig of mistletoe that will last forever!


Mistletoe - Jingle bells and a kiss. What more could you want?

Mistletoe - Jingle bells and a kiss. What more could you want?


One Response to “Mistletoe – the little Christmas App that might never happen…”

  1. Deems Says:

    Sounds fun – with the delay in getting Apple to approve an app in the sore means you need to come up with an idea and push it to the store at least 3 weeks before anyone else thinks of it to be sure your idea hits the market first – I can just imagine the frustration you guys must be going through. Good luck with the rest of the app development.

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