What next for PhotoFrame?

We’re looking at new features to add to PhotoFrame – let us know what you think…


10 Responses to “What next for PhotoFrame?”

  1. eric Says:

    would like to see an alarm feature added. Could do away with other apps. Perhaps a diiffeent app with photos. Relaxing sounds and alarm.

  2. Chris Says:

    Delete option is a must, removal of AM/PM indicator a nice to have, as it does look a bit daft showing 15:45 and PM but doesn’t actually restrict use.

    Other than that, a nice app and current version appears to be more stable, thnx.

  3. marciton Says:

    Landscape mode will e the most usefull

    the ability to use automatically all the pictures in an Album why select … ;->
    don’t display AM/PM when we use the 24h mode … it’s don’t need
    slideshow speed extend to 5 min (because with 20 pictures it’s to speed when it’s run all the day …)

  4. chillix Says:

    Hi Marciton

    landscape mode seems to be the most popular request so far so we’ll definitely be working on that…

    we originally wanted to just point PhotoFrame at all the pictures in an album but there doesn’t seem to be any way of doing it – Apple only provide you with a way of selecting individual pictures 😦

  5. Mr.C Says:

    I would love to see an option to enable a transition. Please add it in the near future.

  6. Mr.C Says:

    Hi guys, me again. Why don’t you implement of function to randomize the pictures? That would be really great. To start always with the same picture isn’t that great.

    Besides that, great application. Keep the updates coming. Thanks a lot! 🙂

  7. Mr.C Says:

    And again: It would be cool to have a feature that automatically increases the brightness. I for example have a very low brightness to save battery time but I only use PhotoFrame when my iPhone is in my docking station.

    Would be cool if PhotoFrame could detect if the iPhone is beeing charged.

  8. chillix Says:

    Hi Mr.C

    thanks for all the feedback – we really appreciate it. We’ve had loads of feedback so now it’s a case of seeing how difficult it is to implement 🙂

  9. Glyn Says:

    Love PhotoFrame but can not change the transition time it is set on 112s, am I being really dozy? Latest version running on latest iPhone sw
    Could not submit by email as link will not work in my browser

  10. chillix Says:

    Hi Glyn

    that’s a really weird one – we haven’t come across that before.

    Do you mean that you actually can’t move the slider or that the slider moves but has no effect?

    Either way, I’d recommend restarting the phone (hold the power button down until you see the red ‘slide to power off’ button) and trying again.

    Would you let us know if this works?

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