We’ve had a few comments and reviews where people have had problems with PhotoFrame crashing. Unfortunately there’s no direct way for us as developers to contact people who leave reviews in the App Store but from talking to others who have had problems it seems that they all downloaded over the air rather than through iTunes.

This leads us to believe that something weird is going on. If you’re reading this and are having problems with PhotoFrame crashing and you downloaded via iTunes, please contact us.

As with any iPhone App related problems you can try restarting the phone – just hold the power button long enough for the red ‘slide to power off button’ to appear and switch the phone off, wait a few seconds and switch back on. You’d be surprised how often this sorts things out.


2 Responses to “Troubleshooting”

  1. Michael Robey Says:

    I installed the app and it runs fine except that it does not override the lock setting. I still see the battery charging display. After I press the button to get to the main screen then photoframe kicks in. Any ideas?

  2. chillix Says:

    Hi Michael

    this sounds strange and we’ve not come across this one before…

    Here’s how it should work:

    Launch PhotoFrame then put your IPhone/iPod touch in the dock.

    If the dock is connected to a main supply then you should just hear a confirmation noise and PhotoFrame should run until you quit out of the app by pressing the home button or turn the phone off by pressing the power button on the top.

    If the dock is connected to a computer via USB then you should hear then confirmation noise and the phone will start to sync with iTunes You’ll see the message ‘Sync in Progress’ and see the big green battery charging graphic. When the sync has finished you should automatically go back into PhotoFrame.

    Or you can just launch PhotoFrame after you’ve put your phone in the dock and it’s finished syncing by pressing the home button and clicking on the PhotoFrame icon.

    What PhotoFrame can’t currently do is automatically launch when you dock your phone – we’re looking into ways of doing this but it doesn’t look like Apple allows that sort of thing…

    If you’re experiencing different behaviour to this please let us know.

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