NightTime goes live today

We’re pleased to announce that NightTime, our second app has been released today and the good news is that’s free!

We thought we’d release a free app as a little thank you to all the people who’ve bought PhotoFrame and (let’s be honest) as a brand building tool.


The display can be dimmed and swapped between 12/24 hours

The display can be dimmed and swapped between 12/24 hours

One Response to “NightTime goes live today”

  1. jonathan flick Says:

    This is a great, great start. I don’t think this bare bones app needs much more. I like simple, useful apps. I do however have three “recommendations” as I use the app as is every night for the last three or four nights. The first is to build in landscape mode. You can do the whole turn it to the side, accelerometer thing, or you can make it a menu selection toggle, I don’t think it matters. Next, I would like a toggle on the menu to select if the center dots flash for the seconds or not. I personally don’t like them flashing, as some may. It would be nice to have as an option. Lastly, and in my mind the biggest and most likely the most challenging for you is the “back light level”. You have written in the ability to “dim the numbers” but this really does nothing for the overall brightness of the display. At night (when most will use this app), while it is running on the stand or charger, the back light, all though black, is still very bright. To bright in fact. I have found myself going “settings” and dimming the “brightness” all the way down and then putting the numbers on your app about half way. For me, this creates the correct balance. If I was able to make that “back light brightness” adjustment from your app’s menu I could skip this extra step every night. So please write in a slide bar for the “display brightness” (oh and make it “sticky” so that it remembers where I set it the last time I used the app).

    All in all this is a great app. I merely wanted to share some thoughts as to how “I think” it could be made better. Great job.


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