PhotoFrame goes top 20!

We’re more than a little pleased to see that PhotoFrame has broken into the top 20 paid for Apps in iTunes!

Thanks if you’re on of the many people that has bought it so far and please help spread the word to friends and colleagues…


Oone of the default images - you can change them to your own

Oone of the default images - you can change them to your own


4 Responses to “PhotoFrame goes top 20!”

  1. tj Says:

    how come when i click the lock button it cancels the application i thought it like overrides its lik eyou can click it and it doesnt go away? that should be in a upgrade soon i think

  2. chillix Says:

    Hi TJ

    Thanks for the feedback. When we say that PhotoFrame overrides the power off function what we mean is that if you leave the application running then the phone won’t turn off by itself despite your choice in the main settings screen.

    I think if we chose to override the hardware power button as well people might think their phone had crashed…

  3. karoubi Says:

    How do we erase a picture to replace it by another one ?

  4. chillix Says:

    Hi Karoubi

    To replace one picture with another just go to the settings screen, click on the ‘Choose Photos’ button, then click on the thumbnail of the picture you want to replace. You can then select a new one from your Photo Albums.

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